Submitted by Abbey Hudson on Sat, 10/15/2016 - 01:07

On Monday, October 3, several NSSTA members participated in the 2016 National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) Consumer Protection Seminar in Phoenix. Attendees included officials from the Offices of Attorney Generals in all 50 states as well as lawyers, lobbyists and consumer advocacy representatives.

NSSTA Board of Directors Member John Mcculloch participated in the meeting as part of a panel discussion titled “Factoring and Structured Settlements.”

John used his speaking time to educate the audience on the benefits of structured settlements and the value they provide to injury victims and their families. As many of our members have experienced when talking to people about structured settlements, John found that meeting attendees didn’t necessarily understand the distinction between structured settlements and factoring transactions. He highlighted the importance of judicial education to assure that courts are equipped to prevent factoring transactions that take advantage of structured settlement recipients and put their financial security in jeopardy. John also discussed the success of the Structured Settlement Protection Acts and the work that NSSTA and our members have done to strengthen this legislation to further protect the rights of consumers.

When asked about the importance of taking the time to partner with groups like the NAAG, John stated, “The Attorneys General are an incredibly important group.  As the top law enforcement official in their respective states, they are in a key position to promote judicial education or to take action to protect consumers.  Keeping them informed, and making them aware NSSTA is a resource for them to rely on, will pay dividends in the future.”

NSSTA offers certification programs for members that are interested in presenting to judges about structured settlements, as well as support and resources for reaching out to associations and making more people aware of the work that we do and the benefits of comprehensive settlement planning.

It’s important for all of us to recognize how important educational outreach opportunities can be. “Right now, one of NSSTA’s primary goals is to push for judicial education,” says John. “The strongest SSPA in the country is only as effective as the judge who applies the standards appropriately.”