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  • An American Hero on Civil Rights & Structured Settlements

    This four-page publication contains reflections about civil rights and structured settlements from U.S. Congressman John Lewis, the sole surviving speaker from the 1963 March. In addition to his courageous civil rights work, Mr. Lewis is a longtime proponent of structured settlements and the rights of accident survivors to accept claim settlements in a stream of tax-free income.

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  • Financial Security When Your Whole Life is in Front of You

    This helps explain the how people in their 20s and 30s can design future payments to take advantage of the federal tax rules that make structured settlements so financially attractive.

  • Reducing Financial Risk in Your Middle Years

    A structured settlement is an ideal way for people in their middle years to handle the increasing financial burdens of children, college, parents and retirement planning.

  • Financial Security For The Golden Years

    As people near retirement age, their notions of financial risk change considerably. Find out about structured settlements' unique financial and security benefits and how these can be especially valuable for those who are in or nearing retirement.

  • Your future. Guaranteed.

    A lawsuit settlement could be your one chance to protect your financial future. Learn how a payment stream can accomplish this and hear from those who are seeing the benefits.

  • Annuity Security Handout

    Find out why a structured settlement annuity is one of the safest possible ways to protect future income.

  • Structured Settlements for Minors Handout

    Injured children are at special risk from others taking financial advantage of them. A structured settlement not only protects their settlements, it can help settle their claims faster.

  • Special Needs Trust Handout

    With as little as $2,000 in assets, you can be disqualified from some government support programs. But a special needs trust funded with a structured settlement can help maintain your eligibility.

  • Structures & Workers' Compensation

    The federal tax code encourages structured settlements for workers’ compensation claims. Find out more about how this option can provide steady tax-free income for a worker and that worker's family.

  • Financial Strategies with a Structured Settlement

    Learn about several financial issues including wealth accumulation and the benefits of a structured settlement consultant.