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2015 NSSTA Fall Educational Meeting

The Arizona Grand Resort & Spa

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October 28-30, 2015

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SB 1268 IL

NSSTA would like to thank our members and partner organizations for their leadership and contributions to help secure the passage and final adoption of Illinois Senate Bill 1268

To learn more about the amendments enacted in SB 1268, click here.

Hon. John Lewis

"Money alone can't make up for the pain from a severe injury. But a structured settlement's guaranteed tax-free income can go a long way toward helping people put their lives back together after a tragedy."

Hon. John Lewis

Civil rights leader and Co-Chair of the Congressional Structured Settlements Caucus

NEW NSSTA Growth Initiative

NSSTA President, Michael Goodman, has established the New NSSTA "Industry Growth Initiative," which is designed to identify opportunities to expand the use of structured settlements and bring those opportunities to the structured settlement industry marketplace.

Over the past several years, our industry has experienced a significant decline in production since its peak at $6.3 Billion in 2008.  The last six years have hovered near the $5 Billion mark.  NSSTA has effectively fought to protect Section 104(a)(2) in the face of efforts to pass comprehensive Tax Reform on Capitol Hill, and has successfully secured the passage of amendments to dramatically enhance the consumer protections included in State Structured Settlement Protection Acts.   We have built a Congressional Structured Settlements Caucus, and have fostered close alliances with disability groups, consumer organizations, plaintiff and defense attorneys and insurance industry trade groups.

While we do an excellent job protecting our industry, this year we want all NSSTA members to focus their time, energy and resources on new opportunities to expand the use of structured settlements-to grow our industry.  

NSSTA has formed the structured settlements industry Growth Advisory Committee, made up of industry leaders, to review, evaluate and approve industry growth proposals submitted by NSSTA members.  To view a list of the members who have been asked to serve on the Growth Advisory Committee click here.  

This committee has developed the "Growth Initiative Form" for members to fill out and submit, which will assist in identifying growth projects with the greatest potential for the industry, and focus industry resources on projects that have the greatest likelihood of success. We have established and invite all of our members to forward your ideas, proposals and suggestions for structured settlements growth opportunities, using the newly developed "Growth Initiative Form", which you can download by clicking here. 


Video of the Month

Experienced and successful personal injury attorney, Thomas M. Bond from the firm of Kaplan/Bond in Boston tells you why a structured settlement is the best choice for the longterm financial security for you and your family when your lawsuit settles for a large sum. Hear how one man made the wrong choice and tragically lost everything.

Thank you to all of our members who have signed up and completed the New Judicial Education Training Seminar!  

If you'd like to participate in future Jucidical Education Training Seminars, click here.

For a full list of members who have completed the training seminar, click here.


RIP Elvie Lou Luetge


It is with great sadness that NSSTA announces the passing of our beloved Elvie Lou Luetge.  For those members who were lucky enough to know Elvie, they can account for her dedication to the structured settlements industry, and can attest that without her commitment and hard work, our association would not be where it is today.  

We'd like to invite all of our members and friends of Elvie's to send us your thoughts and memories of her to

Please click here to read Elvie Lou Luetge's obituatry in The Fayette County Record.

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