Michael Goodman President

Co-President of NFP Structured Settlements, Michael Goodman, begins term as President of the National Structured Settlements Trade Association


For more information regarding Mr. Goodman & his role as President of NSSTA , click HERE.

2015 Board Election Results

Congratulations to the newest members of the NSSTA Board of Directors

Jim Early-Ringler Associates
Geoff Kissel-Pacific Life
John McCulloch-IFS

Hon. John Lewis

"Money alone can't make up for the pain from a severe injury. But a structured settlement's guaranteed tax-free income can go a long way toward helping people put their lives back together after a tragedy."

Hon. John Lewis

Civil rights leader and Co-Chair of the Congressional Structured Settlements Caucus

New CLM Survey

CLM Advisors recently announced the release of a new Industry Study that examines claims professionals’ perceptions, utilization and understanding of structured settlements. The Study, entitled "Delivering High Value Services: Claims Professionals and Structured Settlements" was commissioned by the National Structured Settlements Trade Association (NSSTA). The Study profiles the thoughts and observations of more than 100 claims professionals from a diverse group of property and casualty insurance companies. Topics covered include both the process for obtaining and the value of using structures, and also thoughts about the distinct value of using structured settlement consultants in the claim resolution process. This survey of front line claims professionals follows a March 2014 CLM Advisors’ report, which surveyed senior and chief claim officers on the same topic. This Study’s results were unveiled at the 2014 NSSTA Fall Educational Meeting in La Jolla, CA on October 30, 2014 and are now available to NSSTA Members, by clicking here.

Video of the Month

Experienced and successful personal injury attorney, Thomas M. Bond from the firm of Kaplan/Bond in Boston tells you why a structured settlement is the best choice for the longterm financial security for you and your family when your lawsuit settles for a large sum. Hear how one man made the wrong choice and tragically lost everything.

The real benefit of a structured settlement comes when the structured settlement consultant shows the variety of payment options and all the parties see how far they can make the money go.

Carolyn Israel Stein, Esq.
Attorney & expert in medical negligence

2015 NSSTA Board of Director Election Results

Prudential White Paper

During the 2015 NSSTA Annual Meeting, NSSTA members voted for three new members for the NSSTA Board of Directors.  Each candidate addressed attendees during the Annual Business Meeting, and spoke of their commitment to the industry and visions for the future.  Once voting closed, the ballots were counted by past NSSTA Presidents and the winners announced during the final session.  Congratulations to Jim Early, Ringler Associates; Geoff Kissel, Pacific Life; and John McCulloch IFS! Each new member will serve a consecutive three-year term.


NSSTA Brochures

  • Your future. Guaranteed.

    A lawsuit settlement could be your one chance to protect your financial future. Learn how a payment stream can accomplish this and hear from those who are seeing the benefits.

  • Annuity Security Handout

    Find out why a structured settlement annuity is one of the safest possible ways to protect future income.

  • Structured Settlements for Minors Handout

    Injured children are at special risk from others taking financial advantage of them. A structured settlement not only protects their settlements, it can help settle their claims faster.

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