2016 "Structures 202"

NSSTA Structures 202 Seminar

February 16-18, 2016

The LINQ Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas, NV

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Michael Goodman

"Structured settlement annuities are poised for growth in 2016."


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Michael W. Goodman

NSSTA President 

Hon. John Lewis

"Money alone can't make up for the pain from a severe injury. But a structured settlement's guaranteed tax-free income can go a long way toward helping people put their lives back together after a tragedy."

Hon. John Lewis

Civil rights leader and Co-Chair of the Congressional Structured Settlements Caucus

Jim Early--NSSTA President Elect 2017

Congratulations to NSSTA Board Member,
James M. Early, NSSTA's President Elect 2017!

James M. Early, CSSC, CLMP; Executive Vice President, is Ringler’s National Sales Director.  Jim Early is in charge of sales operations at the 70 offices nationwide for Ringler Associates, leading the full-time efforts to build and maintain initiatives focused on services to clients and partners.  Jim joined Ringler Associates in January 2002, was appointed to Senior Vice President in 2010 and also served as the Eastern Regional Director, managing 37 Associates in 23 states as well as Washington, D.C., in addition to managing Northern New England. He has more than 35 years of insurance and structured settlements experience, and has arranged thousands of structured settlements in all 50 states since 1985. 

He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  After service in the U.S. Army, he began his insurance career as a Claim Representative with the Insurance Company of North America in Milwaukee, WI in 1977.  He served with INA (later CIGNA) in a number of claim capacities, returning to his native New England as Manager of the Providence Office and as a Unit Manager in Boston.

In 1984 he joined the Providence-Washington Insurance Company as the Assistant Regional Claims Manager before entering the Structured Settlement field in 1985.    In 1996 he received his certification as a Certified Structured Settlement Consultant. The CSSC designation is granted following successful completion of a course of study established by the National Structured Settlement Association and the University of Notre Dame.  He recently completed the Course of Study through the Claim and Litigation Management Alliance at Columbia School of Law and has been designated a Certified Litigation Management Professional.

Jim served on the Rhode Island Governor’s Insurance Council and is a member of the Boston Association of Claims Executives and New Hampshire Adjusters Association. He is a frequent presenter on ethics in structured settlements for both the insurance and legal field seminars and is on the faculty of the Claims College established by the Claims & Litigation Management Alliance. 

Jim was elected for a third time to the Board of Directors of the National Structured Settlements Trade Association in 2015.  He has coached youth hockey and baseball and is a former Director of the Bretton Woods (NH) Ski Team


Video of the Month

Experienced and successful personal injury attorney, Thomas M. Bond from the firm of Kaplan/Bond in Boston tells you why a structured settlement is the best choice for the longterm financial security for you and your family when your lawsuit settles for a large sum. Hear how one man made the wrong choice and tragically lost everything.

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*New* NSSTA SSPA Updates


NSSTA Applauds Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for Signing the SSPA into Law

Washington, D.C., November 11, 2015— The National Structured Settlements Trade Association (NSSTA) applauds Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s bold leadership for signing the Wisconsin Structured Settlements Protection Act (SSPA) bill into law on November 11, 2015. This is great news for the thousands of Wisconsin residents and families who have suffered serious physical injuries from accidents who now have a State law on the books that will protect their structured settlements from abusive factoring company practices. 

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Washington Post Story Updates

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