Committee Listings

Below is a list of NSSTA Board of Directors members and committees. NSSTA strongly encourages its members to participate in at least one committee - if you're interested in serving, please contact the committee chairs:

Board of Directors 
Michael Goodman, NFP Structured Settlements, NSSTA President
Len Blonder, Arcadia Settlements Group
Peter Early, Ringler
Jeanette Hernandez, Ringler
Ryan Jandreau, Arcadia Settlements Group
Tacker LeCarpentier, Summit Settlements
Greg Micoletti, AIG
Kerri Poe, Atlas Settlements
Nolan Robinson, Ringler
Henry Strong, JMW Settlements
Ravi Vaswani, Pacific Life

Colin Finn-Chair
Chris Larned
Porter Leslie
Matt Ross
Chris Shumate
Christi Fried
Board Liaison: Tacker LeCarpentier

CSSC & MSSC Committee 
Co-Chair: Chris Shumate
Co-Chair: Jordan Bossler
NSSTA Board Liaison: Henry Strong

Sallye Barnes
LeAnne Burchik
Les Carrier
Erin Eddy
Betty Gregware
Serena Fitchard
Dan Goodmann
Geoff Hunt
Patrick Hindert
Eric Mikulaninec
Ndeto Mwose
Jeanne Ragusa
Toni Warbington
Bill Wright


Education Committee 
Co-Chair: Carol LaFollette 
Co-Chair: Connie Klingler
NSSTA Board Liaison: Ravi Vaswani

William Bonomo
Chris Bua
Michael Burton 
Harry Coleman
Shawn Keefe
Jim Klapps

Cameron Lindahl
Stacy McCall
Richard Rendon
Jim Rothwell
Brian Smith
Megan Trapletti

Angel Viera
Toni Warbington

Innovation Committee 
Chair: Ann Marie E. VonBank
Board Liaison: Greg Micoletti
Brian Annandono
John Arendt

Len Blonder
Chris Bua

Brad Cantwell
Robert Caples

Ted Cranius
Robin Young Ellis

Dan Goodmann
Chris Harlan
Geoff Hunt

Jeff Klugerman
Dave Korch
Christine Logan
Kathy Martin
Spooner Phillips

Legal Committee Membership 

Co-Chair: Steve Harris
Co-Chair: Sandy Jones
Co-Chair: Brennan Neville
Board Liaison: Len Blonder
Steven Brancato 
McKale Crawford
Betty Gregware
Pat Hindert
Ethan James
Joshua Kass
Jim Klapps
Paul Lesti
John McCulloch 
Mike Miller
David Nelson
Thomas Neumeier
Timothy O'Driscoll

Chris Phanco
Melanie Rose
Trish Sandberg
Jennifer Smith
Mary Jo Stafford
Susan Stauss
Craig Ulman
Joe Wolfson

Legs & Regs Committee 
Co-Chair: Serena Fitchard
Co-Chair: Joseph Loseman 
NSSTA Board Liaison: Peter Early
Len Blonder
Doug Brand
Scott Brown

Brad Cantwell
Cindy Chanley
Nate Evans
Margaret Heath

Dave Korch
Tacker LeCarpentier
Jeff Livingston
Christine Logan

Kathy Martin
John McCulloch
Johnny Meyer
Eric Mikulaninec
Ndeto Mwose
Kerri Poe
Natt Reifler

Jarrod Zea

Marketing Committee 
Chair: Kevin Silo

Co-Chair: Ryan Christen Oliphant
NSSTA Marketing and Communications Director: Lu Ann Reeb
NSSTA Board Liaison: Jeanette Hernandez
Chris Chan
Andrew Fisher
Rebecca Howe
Alicia Jackson
Gina McCall
Mark Narby 
Kim Smith

Membership Committee 
Chair: Jim Ebel 
Paul Marshall
NSSTA Board Liaison: Ryan Jandreau
Maureen Flood