Congressional Structured Settlements Caucus

Congressional Caucus Staff Briefing:

On July 25, Congressman John Lewis, D-Georgia and Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wisconsin, Co-Chairs of the Congressional Structured Settlements Caucus, hosted a Congressional Staff Briefing on structured settlements.  The Congressional Caucus staff briefing was titled, "Structured Settlemetns: Helping Injured Victims Live Their Lives With Security and Dignity."  To read a copy of the "Dear Colleague" Letter sent to every Member of Congress to invite them to attend the Congressional Briefing, click here

The following Members of the Caucus were trial attorneys who negotiated structured settlements for their clients before they were elected to Congress, including:

  • Rep. Lee Terry
  • Rep. Matt Cartwright
  • Rep. Ed Perlmutter
  • Rep. Joe Courtney
  • Rep. Bruce Braley
  • Rep. Peter Roskam

The Congressional Caucus Briefing was organized to provide Congressional staffers with a comprehensive overview of how structured settlements are negotiated and how a structured settlement can be uniquely tailored to meet the health, medical, family, education, and life expenses of an injured person.  The Congressional staff briefing provided important information focused on critical legal, technical, financial and economic security issues and challenges facing injury victims and their families.  Caucus Members and Caucus staffers were invited to a briefing on how all of the parties--plaintiff attorney, defense attorney and insurance claims officials all come together to negotiate a structured settlement plan for an injured person.  We need to identify specific structured settlement industry professionals who work on the plaintiff side and the defense side.  The Congressional Caucus Briefing agenda included the following speakers:

  • Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, Co-Chair of the Caucus
  • Charles "Buster" Joyner, President of Atlas Settlements
  • Henry Strong, President of JMW Settlements
  • Mark Perriello, President of the American Association of People with Disabilities

To review the Congressional Staff Briefing Overview, click here.

National Consumers League Symposium on Consumer Protections for People with Disabilities:

On July 23, the National Consumers League and the American Association of People with Disabilities co-hosted a Symposium focused on consumer protections for people with disabilities.  The Symposium was held on Capitol Hill in conjunction with the 24th anniversary of the signing of the American's with Disabilities Act.  The NCL/AAPD Symposium included a panel discussion of "Factoring of Structured Settlements" which included a presentation by Mark Perriello, ASAPD President, Shelby Boxenbaum, Legislative Assistant in the Office of Congressman Matt Cartwright, and Marty Jacobson, General Counsel with Creative Capital.  To read a brief summary of the issues discussed during the Symposium, click here.

Bi-Monthly Dear Colleague Update:

Congressional Structured Settlements Caucus staff have produced brief "Caucus News and Notes" updates to Members of Congress on issues related to structured settlements.  The first "Caucus News and Notes" featured the structured settlement survey completed by CLM Advisors and included a copy of the "Low Hanging Fruit" article writte by Taylor Smith, President of CLM Advisors.  The Claims Management Magazine article summarizes several of the most relevant findings drawn from interviews with senior claims officers from diverse insurance carriers.  The article highlights the perceptions insurance claims officials have of structured settlements and the value of utilizing structured settlements in the claims world.  The June edition of Claims Management Magazine was sent to over 30,000 senior claims officials and attorneys all across the country.  To read a copy of the CLM Advisors article, click here

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